What is a Spon?

Baking with a conventional Spoon

The spon is the brainchild of Neal Robertson, proprietor of The Tannochbrae Tearoom in Auchtermuchty.

One day, as he was stirring a cake mix and stopping regularly to scrape mix out of the bowl of the spoon it occured to him that he needed a spon without a bowl, with two convex sides. And so, the spon was conceived.

Neal’s initial design has been refined by computer at Strathclyde University to produce a stirring implement that not only doesn’t clog but produces a consistently smoother and more aerated mix than the traditional stirring spoon.

When stirring cake mix with a traditional spoon you end up with lumps of mix in the bowl of the spoon. This results not only in the frequent stops to “de-clog” the spoon but produces an inconsistent mix.